The way it comes

It started just as a passing time between two friends. I had to stay in the
capital city to study for a short-term course for an entrance examination.
The engineering entrance fever was everywhere. The capital was over flooded
with students and their parents, so all moderate hostels and hotels were
booked. My parents had not much money to provide a hostel accommodation for
me. My mother wrote to one of her relatives who were residing in the
capital city. She agreed to accommodate me along with her family. I
reached their house with a suitcase full of my dresses and books. The
coaching classes were timed in the morning session and ended before lunch.
My mother’s friend was aged and looking much older than my mother. She was
a government employee and she was hardworking too. She reached the house
only late in the evening carrying bags of groceries, fish, and vegetables.
From the first instance I guessed that I was not much welcomed there.
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Viral fever

I was staying with my husband’s place for spending the Christmas holidays.
We had reached Goa which is famous for its beaches and sand dunes and of
course beautiful girls to spend Chritsmas holidays. The best time to visit
Goa is during Christmas season. Beaches are the most attractive and
frequented spots in Goa. In fact, Goa is almost synonymous with beaches.
Nearly the entire coastline is dotted with world-class beaches, which
acquire their names after the nearby village or locality. Goans live life
in style. That is in short Goan life style. Rich or not so rich, they do
not equate life with money. Goa’s famous contribution is fenny, the drink
prepared from the cashew apple. Fenny preparation is in fact a cottage
industry in Goa. In villages, fenny is prepared in many a house. Drink is
also cheaper than in other parts of India. Yet Goans drink within control.
Dance and Music is in their blood and tradition. Goans dance to the
maddening lilting tune of Latino music and sing together. Goa is also
famous for its nude beaches, but I do not know where they are situated.
Wherever I go I saw only boards saying ‘Nudity is prohibited’. Perhaps
there are secluded beaches which you may not find in tourism maps. We were
planning to go on a chartered tour to visit all parts of Goa.My husband was
overjoyed to find his parents and relatives after a long time. They are
very close knitted family and the nights are spent on booze and dance in
which all join. My husband normally spends a good fortune to entertain
others during the season.
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